Maintenance Request Information

For any maintenance requests, please call our office during office hours or use the form below to notify us of the issue as soon as you discover it. If it’s an emergency, please call us immediately. We have an answering service that will take your call after hours. For more information about twenty-four-hour maintenance, click here.

Everyday home occurrences, such as changing light bulbs that can be reached safely, do not necessitate a maintenance request. Exceptions include situations requiring a maintenance professional.


If your toilet becomes clogged, you are responsible for plunging it. If it starts to overflow, you should shut off the water immediately. This can be accomplished by turning the small valve which is located in back of every toilet near the floor. If you are unsuccessful with plunging the toilet, call us during our office hours and we will assist you.


If you have any electric heaters in your apartment, please make sure they are off when you do not need to use them. They will either be hooked up to a wall thermostat or there will be an on/off knob on the actual unit itself (both baseboard and wall-mount heaters). If you have any questions about electric heaters please contact our office.

Lockouts and Lost Keys

If you are locked out of your apartment during office hours, we are able to meet you at your apartment and let you in for free. If it is after office hours, there is a $30 charge. If you need a key made, let us know beforehand and we will make you one. There is a charge of $5 for each key we need to replace.

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